John J. Lawler offers classes in Antique furniture restoration, Traditional or modern upholstery, wood turning, caning, rush seating, French polishing, Sewing and Carving.

John J. Lawler offers very flexible attendance at his classes, which run on Saturdays: 10am till 1pm or 2pm till 5pm. Summer week: Last week of July and first week of August every year.


John Lawler Upholstery Classes


Seen here working on sewing machine with 50s style chair in the background.

About John's Classes: "A lifetime of knowledge ad skill, generously taught with humour and patience"

John Lawler Upholstery Student


About John's classes: " I am thoroughly enjoying my upholstery classes with John, who is always on hand to help and provide guidance, maintaining an element of humour! Once this chair is finished, i’ll just need to buy another one in need of some TLC!"

John Lawler Upholstery Students



About John's classes: "I have been working on my chair for 4 weeks now and have enjoyed every minute of it. John is a great teacher".

kim student john lawler upholstery


"I have been caning a chair on and off for a few months. It's a true test of patience! I've learned so much from John and have really enjoyed his workshop sessions every Saturday morning. Great to meet the others students and see their projects take shape too!"

student chris john lawler upholstery


"A few years ago I learnt to upholster a chair with John's patient help during the summer course he runs. I have since learnt to cover a window seat which is fantastic and looks very professional. John's workshop is relaxed and a great place to meet others all working and enjoying themselves."

student annie john lawler upholstery


"Although I have a degree in furniture conservation and restoration which includes upholstery, I like to attend John's classes because I am working in a relaxed atmosphere with a very knowledgeable teacher."

John Lawler Upholstery Students



Working on a mid-Victorian easy chair.

John Lawler Upholstery Student


Completing on some cane seat.